Scientific explanation of copyrighting

Are you really allowed to copy under current copyright law?

Your rights to your own work are protected by copyright. As the author, you basically determine what happens to your work. The primary concern is to what extent a work may be distributed, reproduced or published. At the same time, copyright law is committed to ensuring that scientific research is not impaired by the legal situation.

Understanding the Copyright Law

Copyright in private use
You are allowed to copy almost everything for private use, with the exception of a few restrictions. This is particularly valid if you are using the copies to fulfill your personal interests. It’s important that you don’t use the records for any commercial or technical purposes. Private copies are not limited in number by Copyright. As long as there is no commercial purpose, electronic database works can also be reproduced.

Copyright in educational institutions
Since March 2018 there has been a new “ Copyright Knowledge Society Act ” for schools, universities, libraries and other educational institutions .

According to the new rules, the following uses are possible:

  • You have permission to make copies to illustrate something in class.
  • You are also allowed to use works to produce your own teaching media.
  • You can also use the copies for scientific purposes.
  • The new law also ensures that libraries, archives, museums and other educational institutions are allowed to evaluate texts and data.

Copy for teaching or examination purposes
You are allowed to copy several copies if you have the purpose of using them in lessons or in the exam . This law includes public and private schools, institutions for training and further education and universities. Schools that offer courses of limited duration are not included.

Conditions for educational institutions:

  • You may copy small parts or individual contributions of a work, newspaper or magazine.
  • Make sure you make copies for your own use (within the educational institution) only.
  • Do not pass on copied documents to third parties. Only teachers and participants from the same educational institution have access -to the works.
  • You should only use the copies for lessons or exams, under no circumstances for school administration or for other commercial purposes.

Copying in the community college
Inquire whether there is a contract with VG Wort for your adult education center . As a lecturer at an adult education center, you may copy up to twelve percent of a work per semester and course for teaching purposes and distribute it to the course participants only in analog form. However, you do not have the right to scan such documents and post them on the Internet.


Copyright protects textbooks and graphic records
Despite the loosened copyright, special regulations apply to copies from graphic records and textbooks . You may only copy such documents if an agreement has been made with the author. Copies of graphic records are only allowed if the rights holder is okay. Inquire beforehand with your school management whether and to what extent your school is involved in such arrangements .

Copyright in the profession
Since you, as an employee in a company, generally pursue commercial purposes, the copyright restrictions on copies in the company are strictly regulated.

Copyright and the corporate library
Countless companies now have a corporate library . They usually archive their own files in it or give employees the opportunity to research personal interests. Anyone who manages such a library in his company may make individual copies for scientific use for third parties.

In the age of digitization, more and more high-quality copiers and scanners like ‘ best wand scanner ‘  this scanners are able to reproduce all works true to the original but You can only use the scanners for important purposes.



Home remedies for cleaning are not always suitable

Cleaning agents often have a long list of ingredients that are not always necessary. People like to use the good, old home remedies: vinegar, soda, curd soap, baking soda and citric acid get on the dirt. However, Science laboratory experts warn that not every home remedy is really suitable.

They should quickly loosen limescale and stubborn dirt, make surfaces shine and remove every stain from the laundry: Ready-made detergents and cleaning agents promise a lot.

Do not underestimate the risk of cleaning home remedies

Old home remedies sound like a tempting alternative – and somehow familiar. Vinegar, baking soda and citric acid are even used as food, so they can give the impression of being a safe alternative to conventional cleaning agents.

But be careful: The Body Care and Detergent Association warns that some substances also occur in nature. For use in cleaning agents, however, they are usually made from other substances.

And: cleaning agents are subject to chemicals law and may have to be labeled with warning and safety instructions for use. Anyone who uses the pure substances in retail may not receive this information – and may underestimate the risks of use.

Vinegar essence is not a miracle cure
It often depends on the dosage and the field of application, whether the alternative is really good or even causes damage. Good old vinegar is an example of this.

“It is best to leave vinegar in the kitchen,” advised by the Consumer Initiative. A mixture with water disinfects the inside of the refrigerator after cleaning to avoid bacteria and germs.

For the toilet, on the other hand, it is better to use a strong vinegar cleaner, which is even better than a means with citric acid. “They don’t stick and until you’ve got something clean, the mucous membranes are seriously irritated,” said by the consumer.

Citric acid against limescale deposits
The Consumer also recommends using citric acid for limescale deposits in kettles and fittings. It is “here actually a good, gentle and food-safe means”. In contrast, the usual kitchen lemon juice concentrate is usually not strong enough.

Baking soda can promote mold
You also have to weigh up the location of the soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate, NaHCO3). It is considered a classic fat remover. Since it is a component of baking powder, the baking ingredient is also often recommended as a cleaning agent. But from the perspective of the IKW, the release agents contained in flour or starch have exactly the opposite effect: the acids cancel out the cleaning effect.

A general overview of cleaning solvents and techniques.

Do not mix detergents and household remedies

“We don’t have to do everything in the time of our grandma. A little comfort and convenience is allowed, “It was said by the specialist. However, the expert strongly advises against adding home remedies to purchased cleaners. “Each remedy should be used on its own.”

The use of any household cleaner is not good for our health. Make it a habit for you to read the labels on the package. You can also call a house cleaner like ‘ شركة نظافة بالبخار بجدة ‘ at your service to clean your home in a safest way.

How we understand each other with Communication

Human beings are essentially ” social creatures “, and advanced communication has supported the development of humankind.

While the power of the group is great, there are few things we can do alone, and we cannot live by avoiding communication with others. As long as we live a social life in modern times, we need to connect with people in some way, build relationships of trust, and cooperate with each other .

Build a relationship of trust and gain a sense of spiritual satisfaction

Through communication, we can know each other’s values ​​and ideas and build relationships of trust. Good personal and business relationships can satisfy the social needs of Maslow’s Five- Step Theory of Desire and provide a sense of spiritual fulfillment and security .

Work efficiency and productivity improvement

Much of the work needs to be done by exchanging information and communicating with various parties, cooperating with each other, and encouraging others to take action. Good communication skills help this process go smoothly and effectively, making it easier to achieve results.

Furthermore, when you realize that you are achieving results at work and contributing to the company, you will be able to satisfy higher-level needs such as approval needs and self-actualization needs.

Self-disclosure is an important point in building a relationship of trust.

Self-disclosure is to convey your thoughts, feelings, and personal information to the other party. It is not necessary to self-disclosure with people who meet for the first time or in business situations, but it will be easier to understand if you do it properly.

Respect the other person

Naturally, each person’s way of thinking and values ​​are different.
Even if the other person’s opinion is different from yours, do not deny it without thinking, but respect it.

Create an atmosphere that is easy to interact with

People who are cheerful, have a flat contact with everyone, and have stable emotions are easy to talk to. Being rich in emotions is not a bad thing, but be careful not to overexpose negative emotions such as anger and sadness.

Advanced communication has supported the development of humankind

Humans are not physically superior to other organisms (such as savanna carnivores). However, it was the acquisition of ” complex languages ​​and communication methods” that allowed humankind to move all over the world and drive many creatures to extinction in history despite their weakness, and cooperated as a group. We have each other and from you.

Other organisms, such as birds and dolphins, also communicate with each other, but human language is surprisingly flexible, which allows for complex thinking.

People can talk not only about the present, but also about the future and the past, as well as unrealistic concepts. Through such advanced thinking and communication, human beings can cooperate with “people who meet for the first time” and “people who are far away”, and by sharing a common vision, they can lead a large group. became.

Instinct to worry that you can’t do it well

Many modern people consciously or potentially feel the importance of communication because of their instincts. That is why when you feel that you are not communicating well, you feel a great deal of anxiety and anxiety or discomfort.

Communication is an important tool for building relationships of trust, fulfilling spiritually, and improving work productivity. If you are dissatisfied with the current situation, improve it to a better one as it will lead to satisfaction in your life and career and you can with How to Grow Your Business with Webinars.


The Beard… The Science of Hair

A well-groomed beard adorns many men and makes them look stylish without effort. For those who decided to acquire it, I will tell you about preparation, growing, leaving and other main stages – if you go through them in order, everything will work out.

Prepare – correct diet and regimen

Some men grow beards well, while others do not. Trichologists identify several reasons and factors that affect the growth of a beard: genetics, lifestyle, including diet, stress levels and bad habits, as well as hormones.

It is difficult to influence the first point, but the other two are quite feasible, and then the chances of a thick beard will seriously increase. It is worth starting a healthy lifestyle and consuming supplements such as biotin (vitamin H), fish oil and complexes that contain B vitamins and magnesium.

It is important to observe the regime of the day and rest, and sleep is considered healthy for at least seven to eight hours. During the day, it is advisable to take short breaks of 10-15 minutes, during which you can take a walk in the fresh air, do a warm-up, arrange a table tennis game with colleagues.

Start growing a beard and get itchy

It is best to start growing a beard in spring or summer: it is at this time of the year that the circulatory system works more intensively, which means that hair will grow much faster.

Before that, I recommend purchasing a beard oil like Joe´s Finest such products have a slight warming effect and increase blood flow to the hair follicles. A moisturizing or revitalizing face cream can help relieve the sensation and help the skin endure irritation.

Design a beard in the midst of its growth

After five to six weeks, the time will come when the beard will grow unevenly and the so-called “islets” will form. At this stage, it’s time to decide on the style of the beard and trim it to the chosen shape.

You can understand which beard will look harmonious by the shape of your face. A square face can be visually lengthened by making a short, rounded or triangular beard, or a goatee on the chin. A round face will visually stretch out a trapezoidal beard, wedge-shaped or a long goatee, as well as ducktail.

Continue to grow and maintain a beard

The work does not end there: the beard needs to grow more in order to look thicker. To keep it always in order, it is worth purchasing a special brush with natural bristles. It will smoothen curly hair and make it smoother, additionally it will do a light massage, increase blood circulation and stimulate new hair follicles to grow.

Maintain a tidy beard

With a beard, you will have to pay more attention to hygiene and rinse it daily with water, as well as wash it with a special shampoo once a week. It is not recommended to use hair shampoo for this: scalp and facial skin are different.

Beard shampoo does not contain aggressive surfactants that can be found in conventional shampoos, therefore it will delicately cleanse the skin of the face and hair and will not dry them out or cause irritation.

Is There A Difference In The Taste Of Coffee Depending On How It’s Made?

The streets are full of explanations on how to brew coffee, but do you know the real reason why are the taste changes depending on how you brew coffee?

There are two main ways to make coffee
There are various coffee extraction methods, but they are roughly divided into two types based on their basic principles. One is a type in which coffee powder and water used for extraction are mixed at the same time, and the other is a type in which a layer is formed with coffee powder, and water is passed through it. The former is called ” immersion/extraction “, and it may be subdivided into those that are boiled while heating directly over a fire and those that are simply soaked in water or hot water, but the extraction principle itself is the same. This includes coffee siphons, press-type coffee, and Turkish coffee. On the other hand, the latter is called ” transparent extraction “, and drip, espresso, Dutch coffee, etc. are this type. Black tea is a typical soaking extract. If you want an alternative coffee, visit mudwtr review.

The basic principle of immersion extraction
Now, from here on, it’s a bit like a high school physics exercise, but in order to understand coffee extraction, I’d like to replace it with a simplified theoretical model and think about its basic principles. Let’s start with immersion extraction, which has a relatively simple principle. As a model, after putting a certain amount of coffee powder and water (hot water) in a cup at once, take out the liquid at regular intervals while stirring, and adjust the concentration of one component (referred to as component A) in it. Consider an experiment to measure. In order to simplify the story as much as possible, we will ignore the water absorption of powder, the bias of component concentration, and the interaction between components. At the start of extraction, the entire amount of component A is present in the flour, which gradually moves into the water. One thing to keep in mind here is that no matter how long time passes, not all component A will be transferred to water 100%. In fact, during extraction, component A not only moves from flour to water but also from water to flour. This is the part that is different from the “dissolution” that dissolves salt and sugar in water, and in physical chemistry, this phenomenon is called “distribution”. This example is called “two-phase partitioning” because the component is distributed into two phases, powder, and water, or “solid-liquid partitioning” because it is a partition between solid and liquid.

Drip type is chromatography
The explanation so far may have come to the fore if you have studied analytical chemistry at university. In fact, this model is an application of the “chromatography” principle used for component separation and analysis. Even if you wondered “what’s that?”, Do you remember seeing an experiment in which ink pigments are separated with filter paper in an independent study at elementary and junior high school? Hang a strip of filter paper vertically, apply a drop of ink to a place about 3 cm from the bottom, and immerse the bottom edge of the paper in water. This experiment is called paper chromatography, and the pigment of the ink moves as the water rises due to capillarity, but it is observed that one color of ink is divided into several colors due to the difference in the degree of movement of each component.


The following are key benefits for the teacher that result from the use of videos. We are in the computer era so video learning is getting more popular in some countries.


Compared to the lessons on the board, where there are no digital animations, facts and connections can be better illustrated with the help of digital text, graphics and animations. Since human beings are visually predisposed and visual intelligence plays the most important role, it is much easier for many learners to record and store audiovisual content. Bain discovered that people can best capture visual and verbal content in combination.

Matheretter dispenses with the representation of a teacher and puts the content itself in the visual foreground. Thus, the learner has a direct connection to the learning content, without the audiovisual detour through a teacher.


Traditionally, students capture their knowledge with their own written notes during class. These ‘records’ are already included in the multimedia videos of Mathrescuers. In addition, unlike notes, the videos are not lost and can be retrieved at any time. In addition, Matheretter offers a wide range of learning programs, memorabid texts and learning graphics, along with exercise tasks and solutions that help learners practice content again. This allows for more intensive learning, which can be repeated as often as the learner wishes.


An often underestimated advantage that does not exist in the classroom is the rewinding of a video. If the content was not understood the first time, the video has the possibility of accurately repeating the module or parts of it. Videos can also be paused in case of distractions or requests. This does not interrupt the flow of learning in terms of content.


Users can give a review or leave a comment to each video on video platforms like YouTube. You can also try ‘buy youtube subscribers cheap‘ to buy subscriber instantly at cheapest rates. This shows how much the learners are accepted about the content and its presentation. Incomprehensible video content or representations could thus be recognized and corrected. Not only through the work of our experts, but also through the feedback of the spectators, a high-quality didactic standard was achieved. With more than 3,000 positive reviews, Matheretter is at the forefront of modern mathematics.


Through the work of our experts, high-quality videos have been created, which are demonstrably widely accepted due to their simplicity. Teachers can use one of these optimized videos to introduce a new topic. They can then discuss the content with students and solve tasks so that they can apply and consolidate the newly acquired knowledge.

During the video screening, the teacher also has the option to pause the video if students have questions about the current content. This allows the teacher to explain the missing basics separately. The video can then continue. It is also suitable for short discussions or questions directly from the teacher to his students. This is how the doctrine becomes more intense.


The independence of students can be enhanced with learning videos. For example, a homework assignment can be given to deal with a specific topic, that is, watch videos, research material, and prepare a presentation that will be presented to the class the next time.

The videos also help learners to repeat learning content from the classroom at home on their own and apply it with the tutorials. Through repetition and interaction with knowledge, this is consolidated.


Matheretter attaches great importance to the professional display of video content in a short time. A video length of 10 min is required for this. This represents a period of time for which sufficient concentration is available. In addition, Matheretter lives the principle of “quality instead of quantity”.