Perhaps, the reason why you or your child is not able to understand their lessons fast is because it is not fit with their style of learning. For instance, if you or your children are someone who demonstrates strong preference for written words, then it may mean that they’re more inclined to writing/reading modality.

Where these Students Shine?

Meaning to say, they are more likely to excel in learning when the information is presented in a written format such as in PowerPoint presentation and handouts. This type of modality additionally is perfect when doing online researches as a lot of rich sources information online are text-heavy.

In fact, students who are oriented to writing/reading must be encouraged to have copious notes on their classroom lectures. This is because it would help them to process the information provided and also, have better time in recalling it.

Kinesthetic Learners

A kinesthetic learner is someone who can be considered as participatory and hands-on learner. They have to take an active role in classroom to absorb the lecture and attain expected outcomes. At times, they’re referred as tactile learners but it could be a little bit of misnomer.

Instead of using touch, kinesthetic learners have the tendency to use all their senses to process the information.