Your house is almost finished, but there is still a lot of construction around it like the driveway. Thus, create a driveway that the whole street will envy you for. Get ideas at or ask their experts to do the paving for you.

Paving the driveway: How extensive should it be?

resin driveway

You can pave a courtyard entrance very pragmatically. But you can also really put your brains into it and implement the entrance to your street. With paving stones that show your pride, drainage channels, palisades, and gravel around the facade, your driveway will surely be a work of genius. It is amusing to see a house entrance with steps, raised beds, the right green and everything with the right LED lighting.

For a large-scale driveway, you can therefore plan earnestly. Of course, it goes faster with more helpers and professional assistance.

Planning your entrance: Tips & tricks

  • Make a sketch and precisely measure your entrance.
  • Right from the start, think about what you want to redesign and how you want to create which areas.
  • Do not skimp on the work for the underground of your driveway. Otherwise, you will be annoyed later about uneven surfaces and puddles that you have to wade through.
  • You plan a drainage channel at the deepest point.
  • Take into account existing water drains and supply shafts.
  • Note the transitions to other surfaces.
  • Plan wiring for lamps.

Ideas for your individual driveway

With the choice of materials, their color, shape and size, there are numerous possibilities. And the different plants and light effects are not yet taken into account. Numerous variants are available for your own project.

You can combine different materials with each other. That is particularly appealing. Make sure that you stick to one color scheme, as the combination of different materials generally looks a bit more restless. So combine, for example, light gray gravel with gray slabs and dark gray palisades.

Always mix paving stones from multiple pallets before laying them. This way, you avoid unwanted colored edges in the paved area.

In the end, you set accents with plants and LEDs. A flowerbed on the edge or a section of lawn with some green can loosen up large driveways a bit.