Schools look completely different today than what they were before. Among families who have children especially, this is going to be a sensitive topic to deal with. With the world still trying to ride the pandemic, schools are offering remote learning or may have new practices and policies implemented to avoid Covid-19 from spreading.

Changes in School Policies

No matter what the situation can be, there are checklists that caregivers, guardians and parents can use to prepare and plan for the school year that’ll come.


This divides teachers and students into groups that will stay together throughout the duration of the school period during live classroom lessons.

Schools might be permitting no or minimal interaction between cohorts.


This is going to be a mix of in-class learning as well as virtual learning. A hybrid option is applicable to cohort approach too for provided in-class education.


When parents are too afraid to send their children to go back to school, they can opt for this option. This is where teachers and students are interacting in a virtual environment to execute events, activities and classes.

Deciding whether to send your child back to school or not is a big decision to make. This is something that should be thought of thoroughly and look at every angle.