There are different styles of learning that a student excels at. As for instructors and educators out there, they can take advantage of such tool to come up with a plan on how to help students absorb the lessons.

We will be discussing on two of the common styles of learning that majority of the students have.

Visual Learners

These are the types of students who are best in synthesizing and internalizing information when presented graphically. They might respond to charts, arrows, diagrams and any other visualizations of data, but not necessarily to videos or photographs.

Since visual learners have a tendency to be holistic learners, they have the tendency to see positive outcomes of their education when presented with a summarizing diagram and chart instead of sequential slides of information.

Auditory Learners

Also called as aural learners, they are more successful when given the chance to hear the presented information vocally. Since this style of learning might occasionally opt not to jot down notes during classes, instructors may conclude that they are not interested in the lesson.

On the other hand, these students may have thought that it’s a distraction for them to take down notes. And this gives them a different impression among teachers.