Of course, those who are on wellness often dream of having a Wellness oasis in your own four walls to build. Some people use it to relax and unwind from stress. The first step is certainly a “relaxed” equipped bathroom and maybe follow, with enough space and the necessary small money, also sauna and whirlpool. I admit that we would not mind setting up such a wellness oasis in our small garden sooner or later. For this reason, of course, I keep the eye open, for practical tips and creative ideas for implementation. If I have the opportunity, then of course I also like to grab experts to ask for important information in peace. For example, do you know what a hot tub costs? Where you can buy a good hot tub and what to look out for when buying? How does such a hot tub work in the first place and how it is maintained? Visit ‘spa-marketing’ if you are looking for a medical spa place.


As with any product, you should pay attention to quality: Is the whirlpool from a well-known manufacturer or has you never seen and heard the brand? The same applies to the installed technology and the individual materials like the pumps, the control system and the tub acrylic. If they also come from brand manufacturers, you will still get spare parts in 15 years if necessary. It is also good if the exterior cladding and floor of the whirlpool form a closed construction. Thus, no cold, wet or small animals penetrate into the interior from the outside.

By and large, the price range can actually serve as a first point of reference. Nevertheless, you should definitely look at a hot tub before buying. Especially if you are not yet sure what exactly you are looking for and what suits you. Some like it simple and minimalistic, others want the full program when it comes to equipment. Everyone feels comfort differently.


Lower than many might imagine. At least with a high-quality device with good insulation and high energy efficiency. One often thinks of water masses, which are then kept permanently warm. However, the water remains in the whirlpool for an extended period of time. The water only has up to 40 °C when the temperature is shirled – otherwise the temperature is set down. Both water and electricity costs are kept within manageable limits. Depending on the model and the number of people, you can expect an average of 1.50 to 2.00 euros in incidental costs. That’s just as much as a coffee to go.

A hot tub is actually not much more maintenance-intensive than a coffee machine. As technical progress progresses, however, the devices become less and less maintenance-intensive. Some manufacturers even run hot tubs with maintenance-free technology – this is particularly pleasant for the owner.

Of course, when maintenance is pending, it should be carried out by a specialist. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to who will carry out the maintenance later before purchasing.


This depends on how often and with how many people the whirlpool is used. The good thing is that a hot tub takes over much of the cleaning itself. The water is kept clean and clear by the filters, the skimmer and an ozonator or by UV-C technology. With a few simple steps, the water stays in balance without any problems. The quality of the materials used, such as tub acrylic, also plays a role. If it has a good coating, deposits have little chance. A complete cleaning is best done once a year. A good opportunity to clean the tub from the inside is of course a water change.