Where should I go for teabags now? You probably already had something in your hand and didn’t know which bin it belonged to. Some people just throw everything in the trash and put a strain on the environment and wallet, not just their conscience, but you set a good example. These apps with the theme of waste separation and disposal will help you. Download Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad & iPod & iOS 7 & iOS 15.

Waste paper, waste glass, green dots, residual waste, organic trash cans over the years, various waste separation boxes have been introduced. Metal scraps, electronic scraps, and batteries have been collected separately in Germany for many years and recycled at great cost.

The problem is clear when it comes to reusable bottles and batteries. These are back on the market. However, in other sources, you may have to think and research a little more. Many cities even have their own sorting app that shows what’s in which bin. There is also an app that tells you when your next garbage collection is scheduled in your city.

Basic Knowledge: Waste Separation (Android)

The Waste Separation app wants to know more about the topic, but it doesn’t always know which waste belongs to which bin. Suitable for everyone.

Once you’ve launched the app, all you have to do is tap the category of items you want to discard. The app will show you which trash can you can belong to. This app is great for learning the basics and everyday questions about waste separation.

As a general rule, not everything that can be recycled is included in residual waste. If you don’t know which category your garbage belongs to, you can also use the app’s search feature.

Learn how to separate the trash in a playful way with the app: Recycle Master (iOS)

“Recycle Master” teaches you what goes in which bottle in a playful way. Prove your knowledge in the field of waste separation and make the right decision to dispose of energy-saving lamps, old socks, and other more or less valuable raw materials.

All properly sorted objects are worth points for each wrong sort and points are deducted, but at the same time have an exciting and playful learning effect. In addition, some raw materials are often stolen by animal thieves, which adds to the difficulty.

Never miss a collection again: Hailo Garbage Alarm Clock (Android, iOS)

“Hailo Garbage Alarm Clock” allows you to automatically remind you of the date of your next collection. After launching the app, simply select a specific type of waste collection date in your calendar. In the calendar, tap the appropriate day to move it to the trash can color.

Next, set the emptying rhythm and you will be notified to put out the trash at a good time in the evening. A small trash can of the corresponding color shows this on the calendar.