For parents, it presents real challenge to know the best move to take whether transferring their child to a new school or not. To shed some light on this monumental decision (for your kids), following are tell-tale signs that you must watch out.

Unhappy Child

Do you see happiness in your child before going to school? Do they feel excited telling you how did their day go and what are the things they learned? Or perhaps, do they often come home exhausted or begging you to just stay even when they are perfectly fine?

All these things could be a sign that there’s an underlying problem holding your kid back from being the best version of themselves. This is something that you have to take action immediately to resolve whatever the issue maybe.

The School might not just be an Ideal Fit

If you begin to notice that your kid is not thriving or if their grades are dwindling, then it is extremely important that you pay close attention to it. If needed to, try to sit down with them to better understand their situation. Is there something wrong with their friends, in the school or maybe in your house that is causing distraction on their end?