These days, it feels a huge challenge to return to school, especially knowing that there are still cases of Covid-19. Because of this, a lot of homeowners have turned to Home Improvement write for us to get ideas to upgrade their house and make it distant learning-friendly. However, the transition from online learning to mixed or hybrid learning has been set in motion. As a matter of fact, several schools and students have adopted this kind of setting.

Will Your Home Improvement Upgrade turn to nothing once Children are back to School?

First of all, if ever children needed to get back to school (with added restrictions), the project you had for your home improvement will not go to waste. At the end of the day, your home is where you stay and the upgrade you made can still be used for something else.

As for schools though, they must be able to strike balance in the social, emotional and educational needs of children. This is in line with the safety and health of students and their staff in midst of Covid-19.

Public Officials and the Board

Simply speaking, the decision on what learning and school look like is typically made on a local level by government officials and school boards. All in all, schools prefer one of three options which are:

  • Distant learning – in here, all the teaching is done remotely. In this model, technology and several other tools are widely used.
  • In-person teaching – with this model, it is almost the same as conventional schooling but is partnered with improved safety and health protocols and procedures.
  • Hybrid schooling – in regards to this, it focuses on elements of both in-person and distant learning.

Schools might opt to adopt one or several methods throughout school year and during a pandemic. Being ready for different schooling environments empowers you as well as your children and eliminates anxiety.

Practicing Social Distancing

Physical distancing or social distancing is a practice that allows sufficient space between people that is focused to reduce the virus to spread. During Covid-19, US CDC as well as WHO highly recommends maintaining a 6 feet distance between you and others to meet these guidelines.