There are universities that are going to demand a motivation letter before they even consider you as an international student to their institution. You’ll find tons of examples online and also, tips on how you could write a compelling letter. However, when writing one, it is best to think of it thoroughly and make it as something that would shine among the rest.

What to Write?

As much as possible, you should be true to what you are writing and also, share experiences that are connected to your future program and academic requirements. See to it that you have clearly explained why studying in their university means a lot and what you’d gain from them as a student and what you can offer as well.

Think of this as your initial job interview; only in this case you are applying to become an international student.

Be Careful with the Documents

All the paperwork need to be translated into official language that the country uses and it must be legally authenticated too. What this mean is, remember this; an official stamp might just be what stands in your way in becoming an international student and getting your degree and being rejected.