There are countless students who actually prefer taking average paying job right after getting their degree from a university or college. This is pretty common because who would not want to quickly get a job ASAP, especially in today’s time when competition is tough.

Practical Learning and Education is Equals Success

Individuals who are experts and have specializations in defined fields such as international relations will have more value among employers compared to someone who only have general experience. Simply because it took more time and les money at first, it does not mean that it can be simply overlooked.

This is basically the exact reason why education and practical learning is very important among students.

You can’t Fool Your Employers

Future employers will not be easily satisfied if you can complete couple of quotes and reeling in few dates. That will just not cut the metrics. It is extremely important to provide them with specific knowledge of what you can do and why you can be a big contributor to their team.

As example, if you are planning to apply for a job in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you’d probably be assigned to meet and talk with high profile individuals and attend international conventions too. In such case, you should be prepared to answer questions of what you know about the job, how can you excel and how you’d handle situations.