Comprehensive Microsoft Office knowledge is a prerequisite for almost every job.

The professional use of office app is more important than ever for most PC users today because Microsoft Office is considered the standard for office software. Proof of this competence is a decisive criterion for more success. If you have comprehensive knowledge about Microsoft office, you can easily do your tasks.

Windows basics for education

Without a fundamental understanding of the computer and how it works, it is difficult to understand many current relationships these days. Knowing how a computer works is therefore almost a prerequisite for finding your way in an increasingly complex world of work. You have to know and use the possibilities and the working methods of the PC and selected possibilities of Windows 7. By working on case studies and practical examples with numerous exercises, you will deepen your knowledge. You will be ready optimally and use this knowledge in your workplace.

You can choose from the following content in the PC Basics

  • PC basic knowledge
  • Hardware components
  • Windows basic functions
  • File management with Windows
  • Windows special functions

Schools and universities benefit from Office 365

Office 365 for educational institutions is aimed at pupils and students as well as teaching staff and employees. The good news is anyone who works in an educational institution can get the online versions of Office 365 Education free of charge. You can obtain typical Office applications and services such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and Exchange. You can obtain these from Microsoft completely free of charge and use them online. The prerequisite for this is that you can identify yourself as a pupil, student or employee of an educational institution.

Office 365 for school authorities and administrations

Office 365 Government is explicitly aimed at authorities and employees in public administration.

Thanks to the solution, school authorities can organize the collaboration of their employees much more efficiently. Online meetings in HD quality are just as easy with the cloud solution as working from anywhere. Office 365 Government is predestined for authorities who want to optimize their IT, save IT administration costs and want a smooth transition to the cloud.