Very few will disagree that the state of education system has got more to improve. On the other hand, creating a plan that will take schools in the correct path sounds so easy. The first obstacle that has to be overcome all goes to identification of the underlying challenges that keep students from learning.

There are many that we can cite for this particular reason alone but among the most common is the size of the classroom. Let us dig deeper into this issue and why this matters a lot.

Classroom Size

There are a lot of states in the country that are dealing with classrooms that have exceeded the number of students it can handle in a class. A report presented by NEA Today couple of years ago discussed the situation of schools in the state of GA, in midst of fund cuts for schools.

They’ve got no choice but lifting all the limits of a class size to accommodate everyone with the faculty that the school system has. Just more recently, the Fairfax County in VA has been seeking into a proposal of increasing the size of classrooms in face of major budget cuts. The Board of Education in South Carolina is weighing all their options too in this aspect.

The Students are to Suffer

Anytime the budget gets tight, the number of classrooms are always impacted and so goes with the quality of education the student receives. Yet, a lot of teachers agree that they can’t teach every student in a single room effectively, if it exceeded 30.