How students can learn to take advantage of their knowledge in achieving personal goals in life? Well, unless the information is organized, processed and applied, knowledge can quickly become a frustration instead of fulfillment.

Foundation of Resourcefulness

Children are learning to utilize and apply their knowledge as they’re gaining skills in the following:

  • Organization
  • Planning
  • Problem solving and;
  • Decision making

Together, all of these skills set as the foundation of resourcefulness. In other words, their ability of finding and using all the resources available to reach their goals.

When students can set objectives, try new approaches, negotiate challenges and picture multiple outcomes, they are making important connections between goal achievement and knowledge. They then shape their own future.

Determining what the Future Holds

Test scores and high grades are not always a dependable indicator of how resourceful a child can be. Truth is, majority of the teachers are aware that smart and intelligent graduates are struggling to deal with everyday problems.

Being resourceful is not just entirely based on cognitive skill. It requires the ability to absorb and process data intellectually and emotionally. According to research, students who are resourceful are not just better in hitting their goals but also, has better response to stress.