Nissan Navara



When it comes to off-road performance, few things are more critical than your vehicle’s suspension system. And when it comes to upgrading that system, few companies are more trusted than Dobinsons. With over 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality suspension components, Dobinsons has established itself as a leader in the industry. And the Dobinsons kit for Navara is a perfect example of how their combination of science and engineering can result in superior performance.

So, what makes Dobinsons kits for Navara stand out from the competition? Here are a few reasons why they’re the perfect combination of science and engineering:


Dobinsons understands that every off-road enthusiast has unique needs and preferences. That’s why they offer a wide range of customization options for their Navara kits. Whether you’re looking for increased ground clearance, better handling, or improved stability, Dobinsons can tailor a kit to your specific needs. By taking into account factors like your vehicle’s weight, intended use, and desired ride height, Dobinsons can create a suspension setup that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Advanced Materials

To ensure maximum performance and durability, Dobinsons uses only the highest quality materials in their Navara kits. This includes heavy-duty steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, which are designed to withstand even the toughest off-road conditions. Additionally, Dobinsons uses advanced manufacturing processes, such as computer-aided design and laser cutting, to ensure that each component is precise and durable.


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Monotube Shock Absorbers

One of the key features of Dobinsons Navara kits is their use of monotube shock absorbers. These advanced shock absorbers are designed to provide superior damping and heat dissipation, which helps to ensure maximum performance even in the most extreme off-road conditions. Additionally, Dobinsons shock absorbers are built to last, thanks to their high-quality construction and use of advanced materials.


Of course, the most important aspect of any suspension system is performance. And Dobinsons Navara kits deliver in spades. By increasing your vehicle’s ground clearance, improving its suspension travel, and providing better handling and stability, Dobinsons kits can help you tackle even the toughest off-road challenges with confidence. Additionally, Dobinsons kits are designed to provide a comfortable ride on the road, making them an excellent choice for daily driving as well as off-road adventures.


Dobinsons kits for Navara are the perfect combination of science and engineering. By offering customization, advanced materials, monotube shock absorbers, and superior performance, Dobinsons has created a suspension system that’s tailored to meet the needs of off-road enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to tackle extreme terrain or just improve your vehicle’s capabilities, a Dobinsons Navara kit is an excellent choice. So why wait? Upgrade your Navara’s suspension system today and experience the ultimate in off-road performance!