There are around 500 million dogs in the world. There is a dog for almost every fourth inhabitant. But what makes these popular four-legged friends so special?

Scientific facts about dogs that you probably didn’t know

The smartest dogs are Border Collies

Dogs are among the smartest animals in the world and are at the level of a two-and-a-half-year-old child. However, there are major differences between races. Border collies are considered to be particularly smart and belong to the super dogs. They are the smartest dog breed in the world, closely followed by poodles and German shepherds. This breed can be the best companion dog for a Chihuahua.

Dogs can smell cancer

A dog’s nose has 200 to 300 million olfactory cells. A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than that of a human. Dogs are therefore also used in medicine. They can even sniff out a patient’s feces or breath to see if they have cancer. Special diabetic dogs also smell when the insulin level in a person’s body drops and indicate this at an early stage by whimpering or barking. Specially trained dogs can also detect seizures of epilepsy.

In addition to medicine, dogs are also used in many other areas. They track down perpetrators of crimes, rescue trapped people, sniff out drugs and explosives, and serve as guide dogs for the blind.

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Petting dogs lowers blood pressure

It has been scientifically proven that petting a dog, especially a puppy, can have a positive impact on your health. It can help lower blood pressure and plus.

But not only stroking the dog has positive effects on the health of dog owners. Regular walks also strengthen the immune system and cardiovascular systems.

Dogs can visualize what they smell

Dogs’ sense of smell is simply fascinating. Similar to humans, who can immediately imagine how a cake smells like what it looks, dogs can also visualize what they are smelling.

They can breathe in bursts as much as 300 times a minute, constantly supplying them with new scent molecules. The particles are perceived even better. In addition, dogs can even smell spatially, since their sensitive nose can distinguish left from right.

Dogs do their business in the north-south direction

Dogs prefer to do their business in a north-south direction. Scientists have determined this using 7000 observations. This proved that the earth’s magnetic field also affects dogs.

It doesn’t matter if the dog is urinating or defecating. It is only important that he is not on a leash during the business.