Teachers have to thoroughly plan visualizations even seemingly spontaneous ones in advance. During the creation, it is necessary to question what you need to present (content), what is the intention of the presentation  (goal) and who are you going to inform or persuade (target group).

Only after these questions have been worked out can it be considered how and with what the planned content is to be presented. Using images is usually intended to make a learning process more effective and sustainable. Pictures can make complicated facts quickly understandable and represent them in a processable way. Pictures have a relaxing effect, they promote creativity. In contrast to text, images are perceived and remembered as a whole.

Selection of images

Teachers often face the problem of how and where to find suitable images or other visual aids that serve the learning objective. The main selection criterion should be the consideration of existing student experiences. This will appeal to the emotional life of the learners and a greater willingness to learn can be achieved. When searching, it should not be forgotten that the creation by the students not only promotes their creativity, but also anchors the connections to be learned more firmly in their memory.

When selecting and creating materials, templates found in Supportivekoala can be very helpful. You can use the custom birthday zoom background templates and create autogenerated images perfect for teaching materials.

Seeing and Perceiving

Crucial to the use of images is the fact that your feelings and actions are not determined by what you see. Rather, it is determined by your perceptions that encourage you.

There are several consequences that should be taken into account:

  • A picture that you like very much can trigger completely different feelings in the audience.
  • The effect of an image should therefore be clarified beforehand, for example by showing it to friends, acquaintances, etc.

custom birthday zoom background templates

Learning with posters

Learning posters provide an overview of a specific learning material and thus enable learning in passing. In addition, a learning poster in a frequently visited place motivates you to learn something new about a subject or to deepen it just by its presence. These posters are also a good way for adults to brush up on their language skills from school. It has been scientifically proven that learning posters and learning with images significantly improve the school performance of students.