clipboardSocial Media services provider Famoid gives an explanation in this page:, about the usefulness of Instagram Clipboard. Apparently, only a few Instagram users are aware that the social media site has a Clipboard tool that can be used for copying web images to paste on the photos and images in the Instagram application.

How to Make Instagram’s Clipboard Work

The difference on how IG’s Clipboard application works is the manner by which the copy-pasting tool can be used in the IG application. As a rule. Instagram does not allow the copying of an image directly from the web to be pasted on an IG created content. What a creator must do is to first copy a selected web image and then paste it on one of the images already existing in the IG app Gallery. That way, the image serves as the Clipboard that holds the image copied from the web. Doing so steers Instagram clear of any violation of Copyright laws.
When about to copy from the web, tap and hold the web image so you can copy it on your desktop. The copied image will be stored in the Clipboard of the Gallery section while latched to an older Gallery image.

Things to Keep in Mind When Allowing Students to Use Instagram’s Image-Sharing Tools

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During the early days of social media awareness, many parents did not expect their children to be exposed to sensitive topics that required parental guidance. Many of the parents were themselves too engrossed with the image-sharing activities.
When Instagram drew negative attention for stirring mental health problems caused by cyberbullying and body-shaming reactions as negative influences on general social behaviors.
Pew came out with statistics that revealed the magnitude of Instagram’s coverage and impact, especially in young people. According to Pew, about 72% of young Americans are engaged in Instagram. It became apparent that social media was influencing lifestyles but not totally in a healthy way.
Young people are reminded to reach out for help when faced with problems that are too emotionally heavy to carry. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the negative remarks and comments but instead focus on education as a way out of toxic influences and environments.
More importantly, check your school’s regulations and policies as some institutions do not allow students to access social media platforms even for Clipboard purposes.