Whether it’s a science class, lab experiment, or research project, most people cringe at the thought of anything scientific. Even so, you probably know more about science than you think. You may not be able to explain complex chemical reactions and processes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t understand them on some level.

What is Science?


There are lots of different ways to define science, but for our purposes, we can define it as “the process of trying to understand and explain the world around us.”

At its core, science is about observing and questioning the world around us from businesses such as alt clothing stores, natural phenomenon and more. This can be done through the social sciences like sociology, psychology, and anthropology, or the natural sciences like biology, chemistry, and physics.

Whether you’re studying the social or natural sciences, the scientific process remains the same.

More than just Memorizing Facts

One common misconception about science is that it’s just a bunch of facts and information you need to memorize.

While you do need to know certain scientific terms, processes, and facts, science is more than just regurgitating information you’ve read in textbooks. This is particularly true in the social sciences, where much of the research focuses on understanding people and groups of people.

You might have to take surveys, conduct interviews, observe people in various situations, or even participate in experiments. The key to understanding these subjects is to look at them from every angle and to be willing to challenge your own assumptions.

Importance of Learning Something New Every day

Since science is all about observing and questioning the world around us, it’s important to learn something new every day. But why? Why does it matter if you learn something new every day? There are a ton of reasons, but one key factor is that your brain is incredibly impressionable.

It’s not just a sponge that absorbs information and holds it there. Your brain is also incredibly selective. It remembers some things and not others.

Learning new things on a regular basis helps to reinforce them in your memory.