Teaching using digital games, appears to be a frivolous, digital distraction is similarly “controversial” to teaching with video games or hip-hop.

However, it’s not that far-fetched if you break it down into its component pieces (video, social interactions https://www.socialboosting.com/buy-tiktok-views/, scalable digital media), and impacts (many students adore it). Fast Company even referred to it as the “future of schooling.” Even if it turns out to be a considerable exaggeration, it’s hard to bet against the future given what we’ve learned from video, social interactions, and digital media in general.

Here are eight ideas for integrating TikTok into your teaching (or for homeschooling as well).

1. Encourage students to make their own YouTube channel

My new fav option here (these aren’t in “my favorites” order) is definitely having kids create a “channel” and develop stuff for it. Choose a topic for them, together with them, let them select from a list you make, or ask them to give you ideas.

2. Document the Education Process

Microvideos are a good fit for digital portfolios, which are collections of learning “moments” and other products of the educational process. So let the pupils handle things on their own.

3. Students who collaborate asynchronously

Call and response, PBL, homework assistance, quick “explainer” movies to break down concepts, and more. A video platform might be helpful if students need to collaborate in some way during asynchronous learning. Consider Ideas For Using FlipGrid as well because it makes managing this type of cooperation much simpler.

4. Project-Based Learning with TikTok

Classrooms using video and project-based learning may be a pedagogical marriage made in #edtech heaven.

Platforms like TikTok can assist students in finding project ideas, working together while learning, documenting that experience, or curating and sharing any goods or project outcomes.

5. Make Good Use of TikTok

TikTok seeks to “inspire and motivate a new generation to make a good influence on the earth and those around them,” as stated on their support website, utilizing TikTok for Good. Check out some groups that have made use of TikTok to expand their fan base, engage followers, and spread the word about particular concerns.